Course: IELTS/PTE Warm-up Program

Our Warm-up Program is aimed to fill gaps between the performance level of the students at the initial/intermediate preparatory stage and the challenge level of questions in the actual exam. Tests under Warm-up Program have the same concepts, as tested in the actual exam, but with challenge level scaled down, so that the students’ conceptual understanding is helped along the way to the highest challenge level

Course IELTS Warm-up Test Pack PTE Warm-up Test Pack
Mock Tests 2 Mock Tests 2 Mock Tests
Module-wise Practice Tests 24 Tests (8 Each for Reading, Listening & Writing) 32 Tests (8 Each for Reading, Listening, Speaking & Writing)
AI-Evaluation with Teacher Assistant x
Wallet Debit Per ID BDT 1300 BDT 1400
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Please Note:

For IELTS Warm-up-

1. Mock Tests comprise of Reading, Listening & Writing modules.

2. Listening Modules are auto-evaluated.

3. Writing tests can be evaluated by the institute using evaluation panel based on official Scoring Rubrics.

For PTE Warm-up-

1. Mock Tests comprise of all four modules, Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening.

2. Reading & Listening are auto-evaluated.

3. Writing & Speaking modules are AI-evaluated with the option for the Teacher to validate the score before final score submission.