Course: PTE

AI Evaluation with Teacher Assistant

Teacher Assistant gives teacher option to validate/edit the AI suggested test score before final score submission

What Students Get PTE Essential PTE Premium
Simulated Mock Tests 10 Mocks 30 Mocks
Module-wise-Tests 80 tests (20each for Reading, Listenting, Writing & Spelling) 120 Tests (30 each for Readingm Listening, Writing & Speaking)
Item-wise Tests (Predicted Question) 200+ Tests 300+Tests
Auto-genrated Remedial Tests
Strategy Video PPTs 4 4
AI-Evaluation based on official scoring Rubrics with for score Validation
Student Dashboard with Real-time performance tracking
Wallet Debit Per ID BDT 2200 BDT 2700
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Please Note:

1. Mock Tests comprise of all four modules, Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening.

2. Reading is auto-evaluated. Two item-types in Listening are AI-Evaluated, rest of the items in listening are auto-evaluated.

3. Writing & Speaking modules are AI-evaluated with the option for the Teacher to validate/edit the score before final score submission

tem-wise Tests – a) Reading / Listening Tests are auto evaluated b) Writing is AI evaluated. c) Speaking test is AI evaluated on Chrome browser